Welcome to the official site of Eddie Swain. If you don’t know me, I would describe myself as a hardcore tech enthusiast with a passion for sport, art, photography, music, films, gaming and all the rest of it.

On the 1st of January 2009 I set up this site, eddieswain.wordpress.com. This website is fully compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad so you can track my blog and it’s updates from there. Huge thanks go to my good friend Jason Bradbury and Internet Dreams for providing the images and artwork that I based my site around. Expect more updates in the coming weeks and months.

This website is the successor to eddie-is-da-best.piczo.com which was the first website built by Eddie, constructed in early 2006. Have a look round, enjoy the site and don’t rob any content! Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, improvements or just a hello if you can’t be bothered to type.

Drop me a line at eddswain@gmail.com if you need anything!


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