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Robert Shoesmith, aged 27, of Whitley, Coventy, is a Binman with a difference! He designed a problem-sharing application for the iPhone and iPod touch which has gone on to be a huge success. He designed his application using the “App Incubator” and submitted his idea to MEDL Mobile along with 12,000 other people worldwide, his idea was one of only 8 applications to be accepted for development. He will be getting 25% of the profits from every purchase of this application and he has many more application ideas in mind!

His prospects have now turned around from a Binman on the streets of Coventry to a possible million pound idea! The application will both allow users to submit a problem to other users of the application, or users can “halve” submitted problems.

If you would like to learn more about Robert or his application, the following links will allow you to do so…

Robert’s Official Website

Robert’s Twitter Page

Problem Halved Application (launches Apple App Store)

MEDL Mobile Website


~ by Eddie on August 9, 2009.

One Response to “Problem Halved”

  1. I’d personally rather use Yahoo answers, but all power to him.

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